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Fighting Plastic

Beauty will save the world. And packing from it - will ruin.

This is the decision of scientists who studied the statistics on non-fibrous plastic made in 2015. It turned out that 42% is the packaging of finished products. And this, for a second - 52% of all plastic waste. That is most of it.

In a year, 300 million tons of new plastic appear on the planet. And a significant percentage is accounted for by packaging for cosmetics - all these colorful boxes, tubes, bottles ...
What to do?
We do not produce environmentally friendly products in order to aggravate environmental problems. Nutritive can't change the whole world ... Except a little bit, starting small :) And we started ...

This is a victory
Yes, there is something to be proud of. We managed to set up production so that recycled food-grade plastic was used to make the packaging.

Just imagine:
1 bottle of milk = a couple of boxes of cream = a bottle of natural shampoo
By buying such products, you take care not only of yourself but also of the planet, stopping the appearance of excess plastic.
The number of plastic packaging units that we have processed since the start of production is in the thousands. It's scary to imagine this pile of plastic on roadsides or in city dumps.

Plastic little world
It's hard to admit, but most plastic products end their journey this way, and this is not the worst option.
Forests and the ocean are littered with plastic waste: fish die after swallowing bright debris; birds die, entangled in plastic bags.
Landfills are overcrowded and displace residents of nearby areas, making their lives unbearable.
What was meant to make life comfortable kills all living things around.
The world is turning into a mountain of plastic.

What awaits us?
It was thoughts about the future that made us think about rebranding. We decided that a company that follows an environmentally conscious strategy automatically imposes obligations. Obligation to take care of the safety not only of the product but also of the production itself.
Every step of our activity must prove that we do not care what world we live in and what we leave to our children. After all, caring for a person involves maintaining a healthy, unspoiled environment around him. Keeping the planet clean.
That is why we pay so much attention to the production of recycled packaging: it does not exacerbate the environmental crisis associated with excess plastic.
When it comes to plastic, the right way is not to create something new, but to be able to apply what already exists.

Opening the circle
It took several months for research and calculations, but we have achieved our goal: now Nutritive uses in the production of packaging that consists in part of recycled plastic.
Using secondary raw materials, we managed to break the vicious circle and make our products truly environmentally friendly in every sense.
We sincerely hope for the support of our customers and ask not to throw away the used packaging from under production together with other garbage. Send bottles and tubes in special plastic containers so that they find new life again in the form of other important and useful things, even if they are not related to cosmetics.
Let's protect the planet together!