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Gift set for men
Gift set for men
шампунь, віск, масло для бороди
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An excellent gift for any holiday will be a set of men's cosmetics, which you can buy in our store.

Natural care cosmetics for body, hair, beard ... The best that nature gives us, we could use in production.
Why is it more profitable to buy a cosmetic set than its components separately?
First, the equipment is often selected in accordance with a specific type of skin or hair.
Secondly, it is economically profitable, because a ready-made kit is cheaper than separately purchased goods.
Third, the elegant branded packaging makes the gift even more effective.
What is included in gift sets for men? Cosmetics developed on the basis of natural ingredients - essential oils, plant extracts, beeswax. The composition of cosmetics is rich in vitamins and minerals that provide natural beauty to the skin and hair.
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