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Two-phase spray with Phytokeratin & Vitamin B5 Manelle 200ml
Two-phase spray with Phytokeratin & Vitamin B5 Manelle 200ml
Phytokeratin & Vitamin B5 Manelle
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Lapush Hair Spray With Keratin 150ml
Lapush Hair Spray With Keratin 150ml
Lapush Hair Spray
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SKU code: LP_SP_SPVL_50
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Do you want to know the secret of "obedient" hair? Do you want to see your hair well-groomed and healthy? Try Lapush's Hair Brush, made with natural ingredients! When you need a spray while brushing your hair, pay attention to how many hairs remain on the comb. Daily loss of a certain amount of hair is the norm for every person. However, sometimes the losses become unnecessarily large simply due to tangling, which makes combing difficult. The process causes discomfort, irritation ... A tug of the comb - and even more hair becomes hopelessly damaged. What to do? Hair styling spray will help to cope with the problem. A natural cosmetic product will not only simplify combing, but will also come in handy in the following cases:

Hair gets tangled and frizzy after washing.
They are characterized by a dull color and lack of gloss.
You are worried about brittleness and excessive dryness of the hair ends.
All of these facts indicate that the hair lacks nutrients. They are depleted by frequent washing, blow-drying and styling. Does not improve their condition and the influence of the environment: wind, dust, summer heat and frost, as well as dry air from centralized heating. It's time to take care of the beauty of your hair by enriching your hair with valuable vitamins and minerals. Keratin Moisturizing Hair Spray - First Aid For Your Hair

We have developed a special product that allows you to easily protect your hair from aggressive factors, simplify its care and give it a healthy shine. The spray contains natural oils, D-panthenol and keratin - everything that is necessary for their health and beauty. Convenient packaging makes using the product as simple as possible: just a couple of clicks to refresh your hair and provide protection from heat and dust. The compact bottle allows you to take the spray with you on the road and even keep it close at hand in a small purse as a daily care product. Helpful and pleasant

An additional benefit of the Keratin Moisturizing Hair Mist is its subtle scent. An elegant perfumery composition, representing an exquisite bouquet, will give you a sublime mood and inspire new achievements. After applying the product to the hair, no greasy film remains on them - only a slight fragrance, reminiscent of your originality and amazing charm.

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