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Lapush Moisturizing face fluid with aloe & hyaluronic acid 60ml
Lapush Moisturizing face fluid with aloe & hyaluronic acid 60ml
Lapush Moisturizing face fluid with aloe and hyaluronic acid
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A natural face fluid with no space prices is Nutritive. In this section of our beauty online store, buyers will find an innovative cosmetic product that combines the benefits of a cream and a moisturizing gel. The following advantages are inherent in the fluid: Does not clog pores, but actively moisturizes and nourishes, making it suitable for oily and mixed skin types. It quickly penetrates the epidermis and is absorbed without leaving a sticky residue. Its light texture makes it ideal for skin care in hot weather. At the same time, thanks to natural ingredients, the effect of using Nutritive products exceeds all expectations, and the cost is close to cheap cosmetics. What the vibes contain. Nutritive knows what moisturizing fluid needs to be and responsibly design formulations. Therefore, the products of this brand contain the following natural ingredients: herbal extracts (sage, aloe vera) to relieve inflammation and irritation, improve the color and texture of the skin surface; polyphenols (green tea, grapes), which have a powerful antioxidant effect; esters of vegetable oils (olive, etc.) to normalize fat metabolism; fruit acids that provide photoprotection of the skin, strengthen skin immunity and even out the complexion. The composition, unique in its properties, is a good reason to buy a face fluid in the online store nutritive.com.ua instead of experimenting with cheap cosmetics from supermarkets. Lightness in every drop. This member of the organic cosmetics elite owes its weightless texture to a unique ingredient called Mannan Cognac. Konjac mannane powder has a valuable role not only in its ability to gel. It tones the skin, evens out the microrelief and intensely moisturizes, just like hyaluronic acid, which we also included in the composition. In short, the fluid gel delicately moisturizes the skin, leaving no chance for wrinkles. You can buy face fluid and other natural cosmetics online from any city in Ukraine - our delivery works smoothly.

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