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Shopping bag #НЕСУКРАСУ

Shopping bag #НЕСУКРАСУ
Code: 228001146367
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June 29, 2022
50 ₴
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In the arsenal of every girl there should be a comfortable and practical bag that will become a faithful assistant during shopping. It was for these purposes that a laconic, but no less attractive shopping bag with the #NESUKRASu brand inscription was created. Hurry up to add this practical accessory to your fashion arsenal!

The size of the bag will allow you to bring home even the most voluminous parcel with an order :) And in order to keep the contents under reliable protection, the model is supplemented with a convenient button fastener. The product is made of high quality textiles that will not deform and will not fade even from the most active use. If the bag gets dirty, it doesn't matter. You can always wash it by choosing the delicate mode. The two shoulder straps have a comfortable length so they will not slip while walking. Comfort is guaranteed!

Live in the NUTRITIVE style - your image will always be flawless!

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