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Set SPA Mega Relax

Set SPA Mega Relax
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May 16, 2022
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To make personal care more comfortable and enjoyable, experts from the Nutritive brand have developed and selected the best products for your beauty routine. Well-groomed facial skin is the result of effective complex care, which includes the following steps: cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing. The SPA Mega Relax set includes:

Lapush Normal Skin Toner, which will effectively cleanse the face and even out the pH balance of the skin after washing. The product perfectly refreshes and moisturizes, and the use of the product will help eliminate age spots and even out skin tone.

Lapush Facial Scrub is designed to gently but effectively cleanse your face. The tool helps to better cleanse the skin, eliminate the remnants of cosmetics and unwanted impurities, prepare the face for applying a cream or cosmetic mask.

Face Serum with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid is designed to restore skin elasticity, smoothness and firmness. The serum promotes intensive rejuvenation, softens and regenerates skin cells. Using the product helps to even out skin tone and achieve maximum hydration for the whole day.

Lapush Green Clay & Spirulina Clay Face Mask is a natural cleansing and regenerating treatment for normal to oily skin types. The unique combination of components in the composition will not only help restore the hydrobalance and normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, but also saturate your epidermis with valuable minerals, give the skin moisture and silkiness.

Day cream for face with pumpkin juice and jojoba oil is developed for the care of normal face skin. Using the product will help maintain the required level of cell hydration, protect them from adverse environmental factors and give the face a healthy look all day long. The formula of the product includes natural ingredients that are able to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and give it a healthy look.

A face roller is an indispensable accessory for home SPA treatments. A cool stone, during a facial massage, will eliminate swelling and redness, help improve complexion and accelerate lymphatic drainage, activates the Renewal processes, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin. Using rollers in your daily skin care will help improve the overall condition of the facial skin and even out its tone.

Towel is a quality terry towel that will make your SPA procedures more comfortable. Thoroughly absorbs moisture and has a comfortable size. The towel will be a good addition to the gift.

Gift box - will complement the gift, as the perfect gift consists of parts. High-quality cosmetics in a bright gift box looks impressive and emphasizes the significance of the gift. The box has a convenient size that will allow you to beautifully place any gift.

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