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Face toner

Face toner

Face toner

An effective care system provides for the sequential application of several types of cosmetic products to the face. As a rule, these are cleansing products - hydrophilic oil and facial cleansing foam, then a face toner, serum, emulsion and, finally, a moisturizer, nourishing cream or a night mask.

Toner is the second step in a multi-step cleaning system for glowing, healthy skin. Using a toner will help make your skin glowing, toned and silky smooth. The product is able to even out microrelief, eliminate age spots and tone the skin of the face.

Properties of using face toner:

• Normalization of pH balance.

Facial cleansers shift the pH balance of the skin towards the alkaline side. If it is not restored, the lipid barrier of the skin weakens. Dry and normal skin therefore becomes excessively dry and begins to peel off, and oily or combination skin becomes intensely oily. The use of toner helps to quickly restore the acid-base balance and protect the epidermis.

• Preparing the skin for the application of other cosmetics

Toners can moisturize the deep layers of the epidermis, leaving the skin soft and ready for the application of other products - serums, creams, emulsions or masks. This allows the active ingredients and nutrients to penetrate the skin more easily.

• Effective moisturizing

Facial foams and gels not only remove impurities, makeup and excess sebum from the skin surface, but also absorb natural moisture. The skin becomes tight and dry. The toner contains moisturizing ingredients (glycerin, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, natural moisturizing factors), which help to saturate the skin with moisture and keep it in the deep layers of the epidermis.

• Soothes inflammation and relieves irritation

The effective formula of the Toner contains valuable ingredients that will help relieve inflammation and reduce irritation.

• Skin lighting

Skin lightening tuners aim to reduce the intensity and amount of acid-containing pigmentation spots.

• Exfoliation of the stratum corneum of the epidermis

Toners, which contain acids in the composition, aimed at renewing the upper layers of the dermis, eliminate dullness and even out skin tone.

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