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Cloth mask

Cloth mask

Cloth mask

A relatively new means of rejuvenating and revitalizing the skin - fabric face masks. Hailing from Japan, they conquered the world in just a few years.

The Nutritive company presents to buyers the fabric masks developed by experts in the field of cosmetology and dermatology.

The main advantage of this type of masks is their ability to transfer maximum moisture and nutrients to the skin without evaporating. This creates an occlusion effect, and the effectiveness of the tissue mask is much higher than any other.
Their use allows you to achieve noticeable positive changes in the condition of the skin:
Softening and increase of elasticity.
Cleansing and narrowing of pores.
Deprivation of a feeling of tightness and dryness, itching and peeling.
Activation of blood circulation and saturation of the skin with oxygen.
Matting, removal of greasy shine.
Alignment of microrelief, improvement of complexion.
An important condition for the effectiveness of the mask is also the composition of the impregnation: the most effective have always been and will be natural ingredients. Products in this category, produced under the Nutritive brand, are developed on the basis of natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, natural oils, serums and fruit extracts.
How to use
The application of the fabric mask is simple: a textile sheet with a nourishing composition is applied to the cleansed face so that there are no gaps between the fabric and the skin.
This completes the responsible part of the procedure, remains the most pleasant - relaxation and pacification, a feeling of freshness and purity, given by the mask.
At the end of the time specified in the instructions, the textile layer should be removed, and the remnants of the filling evenly distributed on the skin surface.

Nutritive fabric masks
In our online store there are masks designed for different skin types, but each of them performs several functions. The same fabric face mask, which can be bought right now, will help to get rid of puffiness and restore velvety. It moisturizes and tones, because the natural components have a complex effect on the skin. But the special ingredients for a particular skin type, allow you to achieve maximum results.
Not sure which one to choose? Our consultants are ready to help, call!

Относительно новое средство омоложения и оздоровления кожи - маски для лица тканевые. Родом из Японии, они буквально за считанные годы покорили весь мир. Компания Nutritive представляет покупателям тканевые маски, разработанные специалистами в области косметологии и дерматологии. Главное преимущество этого вида масок - их способность передавать коже максимум влаги и полезных веществ, которые не испаряясь. Таким образом создается эффект окклюзии, и эффективность маски из ткани оказывается значительно выше, чем любой другой. Их применение позволяет достичь заметных позитивных изменений в состоянии кожи лица:

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