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To make personal care more comfortable and enjoyable, experts of the Nutritive brand have developed and selected the best accessories for the beauty routine. In the Accessories section, there are high-quality, modern and necessary items that will improve and make it easier to carry out procedures for body and face care. Each accessory will be the perfect complement to the complex care of body or face skin.

In the Accessories section you will find:

The shopping bag is a modern alternative to plastic bags. Laconic yet stylish design. The size of the bag will allow you to bring home even the largest package with an order. And in order to keep the contents under reliable protection, the model is supplemented with a convenient snap fastener. The product is made of high quality textiles that will not deform and will not grow even from the most active use. The two shoulder straps have a comfortable length so they will not slip while walking. Comfort is guaranteed!

A face roller is an indispensable accessory for home SPA procedures. A cool stone, during a facial massage, will eliminate swelling and redness, help to improve the complexion and accelerate lymphatic drainage, activates renewing processes, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin. Using rollers in your daily skin care will help improve the overall condition of your skin and even out its tone. The use of rollers when applying the serum will help the active ingredients penetrate deeper and more evenly into the skin. Therefore, a good combination of rollers and serum will help you achieve the desired result faster. The roller has a wide and narrow part, which allows you to work out all parts of the face.

Dry massage brush - a high-quality brush evens out the skin's relief and body contours, helps to increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin, intensively exfoliates the stratum corneum and contributes to better penetration of active ingredients into the epidermis. Provides a thorough and delicate exfoliation, accelerates the outflow of lymph, eliminates edema, cellulite, makes the skin soft and smooth. The convenient shape allows you to work out all parts of the body, quickly achieve a visible result.

Towel is a quality terry towel that will make your SPA procedures more comfortable. Thoroughly absorbs moisture and has a comfortable size. The towel will be a good addition to the gift.

Gift box - will complement the gift, as the perfect gift consists of parts. High-quality cosmetics in a bright gift box looks impressive and emphasizes the significance of the gift. The box has a convenient size that will allow you to beautifully place any gift.

Чтобы сделать уход за собой более удобным и приятным, экспертами бренда Nutritive был разработан и отобраны лучшие аксессуары для бьюти-рутины. В разделе Аксессуары представлены качественные, современные и необходимые предметы, которые улучшат и сделают более легким проведения процедур по уходу за телом и лицом. Каждый аксессуар станет идеальным дополнением в комплексном уходе за кожей тела или лица.

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